What to Eat To Lose Weight Fast and Why 6 Meals is Ideal for Weight Loss

Wondering how many calories and what to eat to lose weight fast? Today, you can start enjoying six meals a day to boost energy, build muscle and lose many pounds!

What to eat to lose weight fast and why?

The reason to scoff six mini meals during the day is to control the hunger. To do that, your diet should consist of a mix of protein and fiber-rich complex carbohydrates. But stay away from the ‘bad’ carbohydrates like white bread, donuts, and others.

what to eat to lose weight fastThe benefit of having protein and fiber in a diet is – it can give you a feeling of being satisfactorily full, and prevent any cravings.

Remember, controlling your hunger will shrink your stomach fat! Studies into obesity discovered that people who ate six meals ate 27 per cent less at their last meal than people who ate two meals containing the same kilo-joules. Therefore, consistent eating will keep your tummy satisfied. However, the challenge is to keep your mini meals – mini! So avoid over eating and stick to the healthy kind of foods.

But do you know what to eat to lose weight fast? Here’s a quick ‘n’ easy guide to smaller meals you can try now:

Daily meal plan for fast weight loss

After workout

– a 80% protein shake with blueberries


– One cup blackberries, blueberries or strawberries with 170 grams low-fat yogurt and one tablespoon low fat granola

– 2 egg whites boiled with spinach, mushrooms, and non fat string cheese

Mid Morning Snack

– 2 spoons of peanut butter and banana


– Half an avocado, sliced or half a cup of prepared guacamole with tomato and onion

–  green salad with fat-free dressing, 100 grams of chicken breast

Mid-Afternoon Snack

–  An apple and 100 grams of cottage cheese


– 6 sushi pieces

– Lean beef burger patty, topped coleslaw – no mayonnaise, onion and tomato

There you have it – some mini-meal ideas you can try during the day to avoid hunger but sustain energy and fat loss. To learn more about how many calories to lose weight and what to eat to lose weight fast, watch this https://youtu.be/WzYqLZ6663o