What To Eat And Not To Eat On An Empty Stomach

When we’re hungry and in a hurry, we usually tend to grab anything we can from the fridge to get something into our stomach, anything really, just to get rid of that feeling of hunger. But you should know that certain foods can be really bad for your health when consumed on an empty stomach.

In this article we’ll look to analyze what foods we should consume on an empty stomach, and what foods we should most definitely be avoiding to stay healthy.


  • Sweets – Anything that contains sugar will lead to a raise in insulin levels. When we consume sweets on an empty stomach, we put a severe load on our pancreas, which can lead to health problems and diabetes.
  • Yogurts and Fermented Milk Products – This may come as a surprise considering yogurt is a popular breakfast choice. However, yogurt isn’t really that great of a choice on an empty stomach because the acid found in your stomach will immediately kill the lactic acid found in yogurt. So you’re basically gaining nothing from it.
  • Tomatoes – Because they contain a good amount of tannic acid, eating tomatoes on an empty stomach can lead to stomach pain and even ulcer.
  • Spicy Foods – They can be very disruptive on the digestive system as they are quite irritating for the empty stomach, creating acidity.
  • Soft drinks – For one they are high in sugar, and secondly, most of them are carbonated which again means more acidity in your stomach.

Now that we know what we should be avoiding when trying to grab a quick snack on an empty stomach, let’s take a look at what’s good for us.


  • Oatmeal – Fiber lowers cholesterol, and it also creates a protective shield on the stomach ‘wall’, preventing acid from hurting it.  Being highly nutritious, it will also make your hunger go away more easily.
  • Eggs – This classic breakfast ingredient is always a safe and wise choice. They enable lower calorie intake, and contain a good amount of protein and ‘good fats’ for your body’s metabolism.
  • Blueberries – More and more studies have shown that blueberries are great for improving your metabolism and even your memory. Finally, they are great for keeping a healthy blood pressure, so they’re always a good choice on an empty stomach.
  • Nuts – Nuts will achieve two things: they will improve your digestion and health of the stomach, while also normalizing the pH levels.
  • Watermelon – Because it is high in fluid, the watermelon takes it easy on the stomach while also being a great choice for improving your heart’s health.
  • Whole Grain Bread – Whole grain is the way to go regardless if you are trying to lose weight or simply trying to eat right in general. A lot of good nutrients and carbs are found in whole grain bread, and that is why it is a great breakfast choice on top of being the right option for an empty stomach.
  • Honey – A tablespoon of honey in your morning tea is very healthy and nutritious. As always, try avoiding sugar.

When you eat the right foods on an empty stomach, you’ll finally get rid of those constant stomach pains you might be experiencing especially after waking up.

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