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Why Glucomannan Capsules (Konjac Root) are the best weight loss pills on the market

If you are looking for a weight loss pill that works fast, in this article I will share why Glucomannan Weight Loss Capsules (Konjac Root) are the best weight loss pills on the market.

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How Scientists Found Out About Glucomannan’s Weight Loss Benefits

Konjac root powder has been used as a weight loss supplement for over 5 years, after some scientists from Kansas have found amazing weight loss benefits for it.

They were in a town in Brazil, in which all the locals were healthy and thin. They were all eating a special dish, in which the sauce was thickened with konjac root powder.

This was one of their traditional dishes and one person inside this group, decided to eat this delicious konjac root dish for the next 5 days they would be in the town.

Once she lost 4 pounds in 5 days without any effort, the scientists decided to test konjac root on a bigger scale for its weight loss benefits.

So, they went back to Kansas, and decided to start a test group with 10 women, all overweight, working inside the college cafeteria.

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The scientists prepackaged konjac root powder into some nice looking capsules and each woman would have to take 1 capsule before meals, with a big glass of water.

All 10 women lost between 2 and 8 pounds in the following 2 weeks, without any special diet or exercise.

The women who lost 8 pounds, by mistake, took 2 capsules before each of her meals, and because of this, she ate over 500 calories less per day.

Ever since there are many brands of konjac root weight loss capsules on the market, so For Women Health (the brand I recommend) decided to launch their 100% organic and natural Konjac root weight loss capsules.

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Each of their bottles contain 100 capsules, enough for 30 days.

And because they really care about their clients and want them to get amazing results, For Women’s Health partnered with one of the leading fitness trainers in US, Aline Pilani.

With each of their konjac root bottles, For Women’s Health is giving away for free, Aline’s weight loss program, which their clients can download using the instructions on the bottle.

Most of their clients lose on average around 3 pounds a week, because they also follow the weight loss program.

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