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My Cellulite Brush Review | How I Used My Cellulite Massager To Make My Thighs Thinner

Brushing is the best way to maintain the health of the largest organ of your body that is your¬†skin and a cellulite massager is the best tool for it ūüôā

So in this post I will share my cellulite brush review and how I used my cellulite massager to make my thighs thinner and banish my cellulite.

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The main reason brushing works so well against cellulite and for reducing your thighs, is because the massaging action boosts the lymphatic system and promotes blood circulation across the whole body, speeding up your metabolism.

Thus, by massaging your fat pockets helps breaking down of fat deposits and get rid of all the lumpy-bumpy areas in your body such as the buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms.

The massaging action also helps draining out the excess fluids and trapped toxins.

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How can you tell which cellulite massager brush is the best for you?

There is a range of anti-cellulite brushes available in the market.

The anti-cellulite massage brush I am using, is a round, plastic handheld device and it is one of the best ways to reduce fat from thighs, butt, belly and get rid of cellulite.

It resembles a round comb in its design. It is roughly the size of your palm and fits comfortably into it.

The overhead strap holds it in place and gives you a better grip. The underside of the brush has tiny projections of varying sizes that are used to massage the cellulite-affected skin.

These prongs penetrate the fat pockets. It is not an electric device and it is worked manually TO BREAK DOWN YOUR FAT DEPOSITS AND ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS!

How to Use The Cellulite Brush On Your Body

my cellulite brush reviewThe cellulite massager brush is used in a similar manner as a brush used in the dry brushing technique, HOWEVER THIS BRUSH MUST BE USED WITH COCONUT OIL, OLIVE OIL or A Cellulite Cream.

To start with, slip your hand into the strap. Make sure you are holding it well for a better massaging grip.

Move the brush in a gentle circular motion combined with swift vertical, horizontal and diagonal strokes, and you should see results AFTER A FEW DAYS!

Apply gentle and consistent pressure across the entire area. The direction should always be in the direction of your heart.

Thus, in the areas of the palm, the hands, the legs, the stomach, waist, buttocks move it in short and fast upward strokes. 

You should not rub the brush on dry skin.

You can use your massager brush after you have applied a cream, lotion or oil on your skin.

It is preferable to use a cream meant for cellulite reduction or coconut oil for the best results.

The skin might appear slightly red after the brushing routine. There is nothing to worry about it. The reddening is on account of increased blood circulation caused by massaging and will subside on its own.

The brushing routine should be done for minimum one month, 3-4 times per week for noticeable results. You can do it for 3-5 minutes. Do it daily for the best results, even twice per day, in some cases.

However, it is also important to avoid overdoing it to prevent skin injury and inflammation caused by excessive scrubbing and rubbing.

After a brushing session, avoid using an exfoliant as it might irritate the skin. You should also not brush on bruised and injured skin.

Make sure the skin is clean before you use the brush on it. You can also do coffee ground wraps on your skin before the use of the cellulite brush, as this will exfoliate the dead skin.

Clean the brush before and after you use it. You can soak it in warm soapy water.

Drop a few drops of an antiseptic solution or essential oils such as tea tree or bleach into the water once a while to disinfect it.

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