Results After Using The Cellulite Cup Set – How I Lost Over 1 Inch and Half From My Thighs In 1 Month

In this small article, I will share the results I got after 1 month of having used the cellulite cups daily on my thighs.

I purchased the Cellulite Suction Cup Set, from Amazon, almost a month ago and the results I’ve achieved using this cupping set are amazing. I’ve noticed a visible change in the cellulite around my thighs and on my buttocks. 

This is my cupping set, exactly as I have received it 1 month ago 🙂 

The research before I purchased my cellulite cupping set

I’ve been doing a lot of research on ways to get rid of my nagging cellulite problem. I hated the way my legs looked and I was very self-conscious. I couldn’t imagine wearing shorts, skirts that were shorter than knee length or swimsuits.

I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Not only that, but I couldn’t imagine spending hundreds of dollars for plastic surgery to correct the cellulite issue.

I’m also a huge fan of natural treatments. I don’t like putting harmful chemicals on my body. The cellulite suction cup reproduces a well-known technique, dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, called skin rolling.

Skin rolling is very effective for loosening up fat cells. By using the cellulite suctions cups, not only will you loosen up fat cells but you’ll create lipolysis. Lipolysis is the elimination of fat from fat cells.

In order to learn how to use the cups, I’ve watched several YouTube videos and read various articles on the internet. The following steps are what I’ve determined is the best method for removing cellulite from problem areas. It’s very easy to do.

There are literally three steps to use the cellulite cup to banish cellulite forever!

STEP ONE Apply a thick lotion or an oil on the area you want to rid of cellulite.

Initially when using the cups, I didn’t put any lubricant and it was somewhat painful to massage my areas with the suction cups. You need to make sure the cup moves smoothly over your skin.

STEP TWO Squeeze the end of your cup and latch it to the area of skin you want to treat.

STEP THREE Move the cellulite suction cups back and forth across the area that you want to rid of cellulite.

Do this for 5 minutes per area. The cellulite suction cup set comes with two cups so you could essentially do two areas at one time.

IMPORTANT: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin and body hydrated.

Keep doing this daily and you’ll see results just like I did! This technique can be used anywhere from your thighs, belly, buttocks, chin, face and those pesky fat areas on the underside of your upper arms. 

My results:  in 1 month I completely banished my cellulite and lost over 1 and half inches from thighs. 

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REMEMBER: Make sure you use coconut oil and continue to lube your area of concern or the cupping will become painful.

Don’t get discouraged. You won’t see results overnight. You have to continue to use the cups every day or every other day to see results.

If you eventually stop doing the treatment, your cellulite will come back.

This process is something you want to make part of your daily routine. Also if you start eating healthy and do some kind of physical activity every day, you’ll see results much faster.

Not only will you see results physically but you’ll feel better overall. Good luck with your cellulite removal. I hope you see amazing results just like I have!

Other experiences with the cellulite cups

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