How to overcome emotional eating and control your appetite and cravings

We not only use food to satisfy hunger, but also to reward ourselves, relieve stress, comfort ourselves and for few people, even to punish themselves, so emotional eating must be stopped, especially if you want your cellulite to be removed.

Alternative to our belief emotional eating or compulsive eating does not help reduce stress, if anything in increases the stress factor. This article will teach you how to overcome binge eating, control your appetite and stop emotional eating before it destroys your life.

How to stop emotional eating forever

Identify your emotional eating triggers

stop emotional eatingIt is important, in the fight against this food addiction caused by emotional eating, to recognize what causes stress eating. It may not always be caused by stress, anger, frustration hatred or even pain.

Sometime we are binge eating because of happiness, in an act to reward ourselves, or as a childhood habit we grew up with. It is easier to control things you know the cause.

Find new ways to feed your emotions

As an appetite suppressant move, we need to find a new way to express what we are thing and feeling. If you are having negative emotions it will be helpful to go to the gym or take a jog around the neighborhood. If you are happy and want to reward yourself you could take yourself out to a movie or by yourself new clothes instead of engaging in stress eating, as this will make your cellulite even worse.

Stop and think when the craving hit

You really do not want to hate yourself after, to gain extra pounds or loss that figure you have. You don’t want to gain more weight either. So before you start compulsive eating, stop and think about the consequences of your actions and how they will influence who you are not and how others view you.More tips on stopping emotional eating here

If you cannot control yourself it may be helpful for you to go to a good therapist for help and directions on how to curb this food addiction you have.