How to get rid of hip fat fast, even reduce your thighs

As women approach menopause, their bodies start storing excess fat in their hips, so this article will detail how to get rid of hip fat fast.

This fat leads to you developing larger hips and smaller midsection: popularly known as the pear shape. Most people don’t like being pear shaped. If you want to lose the fat in your hips and regain your previous figure, you only need to follow the two steps on how to lose hip fat explained in this article.

How do you get rid of hip fat if you are a woman over 40?

Although much attention is given to losing hip fat, hardly any person explains what catalyzes the development of cellulite in hips. Cellulite is a tissue used to store fat in bodies of humans and animals. As the body stores fat, the storage tissue is filled up leading to the creation of new tissue to cater to the increased fat storage needs. High hormone levels, poor blood concentration, fluid retention, frenzied lifestyles, and hereditary genes are associated with the growth of cellulite.

how to get rid of hip fatHigh estrogen level causes damage to connective tissues enabling fat to easily poke them. Estrogen also directs the body to store fat in the thigh and hip regions instead of the rest of the body.

Poor blood circulation, in combination with high estrogen levels, leads to the swelling of connective tissues. As the tissue swells, it stretches and creates gaps in it. Fat storage tissues are able to bulge through these gaps. Fluid retention in hip regions also causes the connective tissue in hips to stretch out and weaken. This weakening makes it easier for cellulite tissue to develop. Lastly, leading an emotionally stressful lifestyle also increases the risk of you developing pear shape.

Daily Exercise for losing hip fat

Exercising is the first step on how to lose hip fat. Medical experts have proven that daily exercise does not only prevent the development of fat tissues, it also help burn the fat, improve blood circulation around your body, and normalize your hormonal level. More about exercises to lose hip fat, here

There are 3 exercise methods that target fat in thighs and hips. ‘Seated pillow squeeze’ is the first method. It will help you lose fat from your inner thighs. In this method, you sit on a sturdy chair and squeeze a pillow between your thighs for periods of one minute each while your feet is flat on the floor.
With ‘seated hand push’, you should sit on the egde of a sturdy chair and use your palm to push your knees towards each other. At the same time, push your knees outwards to overcome the force applied by your palm. It is suitable for losing fat in both hips and thighs. Another exercise that will help you lose your hip fat is ‘seated leg raise’.

Dietary interventions to reduce hips

Dietary intervention is not only the second step on how to lose hip fat, but it is also an important step on losing weight. This step focuses on those foods you should avoid such as French fries and sodas, and those that you should focus of such as whole-wheat products and lean meat. Reducing the number of calories you take per day will also help your body to start burning stored fat for energy rather than storing more fat. In addition to healthy eating, you should also stay hydrated by drinking enough water or unsweetened tea.

A good understanding of causes, prevention, and how to lose hip fat is the basis of losing fat in hip areas. Dietary intervention and hip targeted exercises are the best ways to to accelerate the hip fat losing process. Never forget to drink adequate water to wash away toxins from your body.