How many pounds can you lose in a week if you work really hard

If you wonder yourself How many pounds can you lose in a week, the video below and the tips shared in here will help you get close to losing 5 pounds in a week.You will also reduce your cellulite consistently.

Here’s how to combine exercises so you can lose more weight in one week

 how much weight can you lose in a weekStart your day with a glass of water. The practice is very good for all your systems. However, if the food cravings are hard to manage, don’t feel guilty about having a low-calorie or no-calorie energy drink or supplement. You can also have black coffee or plain tea.

Research shows that consuming coffee before a workout can boost speed, endurance and overall workout quality and help you burn more calories. The fluids will also make sure you don’t get dehydrated doing high intensity exercise.

The fast may or may not be a daylong fast. You can decide when to end it. Most prefer to have a meal after exercising as food is best absorbed after a workout. Your post workout meal should be high in protein and carbs, but fat free. The proteins and carbs help muscles grow and recover. If you are in a position to extend the fast for longer, you can always do so.

Finally, eat as many or as less meals as you like. You can eat 6 small meals or 3 large ones; only make sure the caloric consumption doesn’t increase. As opposed to having six smaller meals, it is a better option to have 3 larger meals if you want to build lean muscle mass.

My video will teach you so much more on losing more weight in a week