How Jenna lost 23 pounds with the 3 week diet program

The story of how Jenna lost 23 pounds in a month with the 3 week diet program is an incredible weight loss story. Jenna was a frustrated woman before she was introduced to the 3 week diet program.

She had coped all her life with sly comments of obesity that were whispered whenever she is sighted at her office and in her neighborhood.

Why did Jenna start the 21 days weight loss program

Jenna’s life changed one Friday evening when her friend Alice came over to spend the weekend at Jenna’s house. That evening, Jenna couldn’t believe her ears when Alice her friend since childhood informed her that it is possible to lose over 20 pounds of fat with a 3 week diet program.

There is no doubt that Jenna has total trust in Alice but this 3 week diet program sounded too good to be true. “There is no harm in trying” Alice said to Jenna and that is how the unbeatable weight loss story began. The first step Jenna took was to visit the program website where she watched the introductory video of how to lose weight in three weeks and also downloaded all the tutorial manuals.

One thing Jenna realized from the very beginning is that the program was very simple to follow. The main idea behind the 3 week diet program is to stimulate the body to burn all the fat stored in all the various body organs for energy requirements.

On Jenna’s first day of the program, she lost half a pound of fat. She was surprised that the process had started so fast but little did she realize that she had begun a process that would make her lose 23 pounds in a month. At the end of the second day of the program, Jenna had lost 2 pounds of weight.

At the end of the week Jenna had lost 10 pounds of weight. The change was noticeable, everyone commended Jenna for the change in her body. Jenna’s stomach was slimmer than before, her butt were firmer, her thighs were slimmer and for the first time in several years she felt comfortable in a pair of Jeans.

jenna lost 23 pounds on the 3 week diet programJenna dedicated the rest of the month to the program and at the end of it she had lost an unbelievable 23 pounds of weight. Jenna’s life changed totally after the program. Jenna’s weight loss story is an inspiration to all her friends.

She looked more attractive and was making new friends everyday. Jenna’s weight loss story would never be forgotten. It is almost impossible to lose 23 pounds of fat in a month without taking diet pills and rigorous exercises. Many thanks to the 3 week diet program for changing Jenna’s life.

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