Best Yacon Syrup reviews – How 6 of my friends lost weight with yacon syrup

Yacon syrup is gaining popularity as an aid for weight loss among people and there are valid reasons behind it as well, so in this article I will share 6 Yacon Syrup reviews.

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Yacon syrup is sweet in taste and is made by extracting juice, by a chemical free procedure, from the roots of the plant named Yacon.

pure organic yacon syrup made in USIt is interesting to know that this Yacon plant is found in the Andes mountains of South America. Yacon syrup became widely known after it was talked about on a T.V. show by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

With so many people wanting to lose weight I talked to 5 of my friends who were using the Yacon syrup regularly to lose weight about the results after consuming it for about 4-5 weeks and here are their weight loss stories.

6 Amazing Pure Yacon Syrup Reviews

Mrs Melissa’s story with Yacon Syrup

Mrs. Melissa is a 35 year old work at home mom with a freelance accounting career. She says she has to manage her time between taking care of her 2 year old son and working on her laptop, which mostly requires her to sit in one place in a stretch for long hours.

YACON SYRUP REVIEWSMoreover, after giving birth to her son her weight hasn’t really reduced much. In fact her Body Mass Index (BMI) is 34 which is obese. Mrs. Melissa heard about the wonders of Yacon syrup and thought of giving it a try as it didn’t really require much of her time, she thought. She bought the pure Yacon syrup and consumed one tea spoonful 3 times daily before meals.

After a month, she said she felt more active and full. Feeling full, she says, stopped her habit to constantly having the urge to eat something. Plus she said she noticed that her stool frequency has increased but she wasn’t ready to give any numerical results.

After 120 days, she came over to my place and I was surprised to notice the visible change in her. She looked happy and had lost weight, even reduced her cellulite. She told her BMI has reduced to 28 and she’s going to continue consuming organic Yacon syrup to lose more weight!

How consuming organic Yacon Syrup Helped Jenny lose weight

Jenny is a university student studying mechanical engineering. She likes taking care of her looks and overall personal appearance. She jogs for 45 minutes daily early morning and wanted just a “little bit of a magic potion”, as she had said, to lose 2-3 inches from her belly.

She consumed the Yacon syrup and continued with her jogging. She lost 1.5 inches from her belly. She was so thrilled! She said she had tried all sorts of exercises and leafy diets to reduce her belly but it’s just wouldn’t go inside!

She liked that the sugar in the Yacon syrup doesn’t get absorbed in the body and she has started using it as an alternative to sugar in her daily morning coffee! Moreover, as a bonus, she said Yacon syrup is also known to improve the immune system.

Mike’s Yacon syrup review

Mike is a college graduate and is obese weighing 265 pounds! He has tried all sorts of diets but doesn’t really have the will power to resist food. He loves Yacon syrup and loves giving his Yacon syrup review to every obese person he knows.

He saw women losing weight with it and decided why not men should give it a try too. It’s worth every penny, he says. He doesn’t remember when he last lost 28 pounds from a diet. And he loves the fact that he doesn’t have to consume any tasteless leafy vegetables.

Miss Marina reduced her diabetes with Yacon Syrup

Miss Marina is a diabetic patient and was told to lose some extra weight because in the long term it was not good for her diabetics and overall health. She’s 47. She was a bit skeptical in the beginning regarding the Yacon syrup.

Does Yacon syrup really works, she used to wonder during the first few days. But gradually she started noticing changes in the body. She lost 3 lbs and it also helped in stabilizing her blood sugar levels.

Dalia had a sexy figure because of Yacon Syrup

Dalia had her best friend’s wedding coming in 6 weeks and she was determined to lose weight! She wanted to fit in that gorgeous yellow gown that was made for her as the bridesmaid.

I and everyone else that knew her weight loss regime were excited to see the results and a good change in her physical appearance. Dalia did tough cardio exercises on an empty stomach and had Yacon syrup regularly and we weren’t disappointed when we saw her at her best friend’s wedding. She had lost 32 pounds.

Deanna’s story with Yacon Syrup

The bottom line is that its worth giving yacon syrup a try. Apart from weight loss, it is beneficial for diabetics and the immune systems. It also helps prevents cancer. Its organic and so people don’t have to worry about any effects from chemical substances.

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