how to get rid of cellulite on legs, thigh and butt fastHi. My name is Heather, and thanks for visiting my website which is all about cellulite reduction through exercises, a cellulite diet and a few more tips. I am very passionate about fitness and health, and ever since I started this website, I get a lot of emails from women who have managed to reduce their cellulite, even lose weight through my health tips, so you should follow them too!

I am a friend of Jessica, the women you’ve seen in the bottom of my home page. We’ve met at a training about self development in New York about 5 months ago.

Ever since, we speak almost daily over the phone or on Facebook and we are good friends.

When she told me hat she was going on TV, and that she was following a cellulite removal program, I got so excited that I decided to do Joeys’ cellulite workouts myself, even though I didn’t have cellulite anymore.

When I saw Jessica’s results after 3 months, I decided to  make a website with her story,  even share my cellulite story, which you can watch below!