6 Outside of The Box Tips To Lose Weight

Being on a diet can be tough especially when you’ve been used to a certain lifestyle for years. You need to change what you eat, how you exercise, develop new routines, follow other patterns and more. To help you go through this process more easily, we’d like to present you with 6 outside of the box tips that may surprise you.

  1. Choose Smaller Portions When Eating Out

Everyone likes going out and just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some fast food or some fine dining in a nice restaurant. But it’s important to limit how much you eat, so study the menu carefully and don’t pick something that comes in a big portion. It’s important to develop some discipline and by going for smaller portions will accomplish 2 things: you’ll still enjoy a nice night out, and you’ll limit your calorie intake as well.

  1. Optimism Can Go A Long Way

Mental strength and attitude are very important when going through weight loss. We need to always remember the goal we’ve set and want to reach and use it as motivation to keep going. Tell yourself every day, out loud what it is you want to achieve. Mark your progress daily so you can literally see yourself move closer towards that goal every single day. And stay optimistic, find positive things in every activity, every day and this entire process will seem much more pleasing.

  1. Eat Alone More

This isn’t to say eating with friends, family and your love interest is harmful, but make a habit of sometimes eating alone. The reason for this is multiple studies have proven we eat more when we eat in groups. Conversation leads to longer meals which lead to more food being consumed, so it’s extra calories you’re taking in unnecessarily. When eating alone you’ll be much more likely to stick to your diet and not indulge in extra snacks.

  1. Cool Trick: Smell Bananas

When we said outside of the box tips, we weren’t kidding. If at anytime you feel a bit hungry in between meals and you don’t want to eat some extra food outside of your planned meals and diet, this is a cool little known trick – just smell some bananas! It might sound silly but scientists have proven that smelling bananas can trick your brain into thinking you’re actually eating it and it will decrease your appetite. This will also work with apples and mint.

  1. Blue Is The New Black

Nope, it’s not Orange, it’s Blue! Why? We’re glad you asked!

Another study that recently came out proved that the color blue decreases one’s cravings for snacks and extra meals, and can even decrease your general appetite. This might sound exaggerated but what do you actually have to lose? You can easily do a bit of redecoration with simple items like napkins, plates, mugs to see the color blue more often. And of course you can wear more blue too!

  1. Look At Yourself In The Mirror When Eating

Bear with us. This might seem awkward but it has been shown that if you eat your meals in front of a mirror you will eat as less as 1/3 of what you will normally eat. So if you are struggling with sticking to your diet plat, consider this neat trick to help you get back on track.

Any trick is worth considering when talking about your weight loss efforts; don’t be reluctant to try different things!

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