5 Amazing Exercises To Burn Through Belly Fat

Recent studies have uncovered some crucial information about how to more effectively lose weight and build some muscle at the same time. How to not only burn through your belly fat but also get pretty looking abs. All that is required is doing the proper exercises on top of eating right as you should always be doing.

Resistance training vs cardio has always been an ongoing discussion on weight loss message boards, blogs and gyms all across the world. A recent study pulled together over 50 patients and divided them into 2 separate groups, to finally decide what the best way to lose weight and build muscle is. The results may surprise you!

One of the groups was for 12 weeks asked to do resistance training 3 times every week, for the period of 12 weeks that was established. The second group did cardio exercises 5 times per week for that duration.

The shocking revelation? The people who performed resistance exercised had lost more fat, had more leaner looking shapes, had lowered their levels of iron and insulin. Resistance exercises made their metabolism better, and burned right through their fat.

So let us look at these PROVEN resistance exercises that are guaranteed to help you burn through that unwanted fat, getting you closer to the lean and tight body you’ve always dreamed of.


This is a great exercise that works a ton of muscles at the same time. You begin in squat position, then push your feet back and get in push-up position. You perform one push-up then return to squat position. Then you stand up and jump one time. Congrats, you’ve successfully completed ONE burpee!


This classic exercise is extremely powerful for toning your back muscles. You may have difficulties with it at first, it’s not an easy exercise by any means, but once you start performing it regularly, your body will start shedding pounds like crazy. Try chin ups as well if pull ups are tough in the beginning.


A basic type of exercise, well known and practiced in most gym clubs, begin performing squats at first with no weights in your first few weeks. Then when you are able to perform more of them more easily, add weights to your squats. This will get your body leaner and leaner, working your buttocks and legs. Very important!


Of course, you can’t go wrong with the good old push up. This exercise will work your chest and will help sculpture your shoulders beautifully. Make sure you perform them with correct form, it is crucial you do. If you can’t perform regular push ups in the beginning, do push ups on your knees the first few weeks. But again, keep that correct form or you’ll be wasting your time!


This is a great exercise to get the blood flowing, raise your heart beat, and burn calories. Always make sure to take deep breaths during jumping jacks to fully oxygen your body and accelerate fat burning.

Perform these amazing exercises on a regular basis, and you’ll start burning through your fat in no time. You’ll look better and feel so much more healthy!

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